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Did You Know?

Historical facts:

  • Salt was used to preserve Egyptian mummies,
  • Napoleon’s troops died during his retreat from Russia, because their wounds did not heal as a result of a lack of salt,
  • In old Japanese theatres, salt was sprinkled on to the stage before each performance to prevent evil spirits from casting a spell on the actors. In spiritual and religious practices salt is still used as a purifier, for instance before Sumo matches,
  • The production and the transport of salt gave rise to new cities and to the construction of roads; such is the case of Salzburg—literally the "city of salt"—and of the via Salaria (the road of the salt) in Italy; the medieval pavement of one of the transportation routes for salt still exists in Germany where it links the inland city of Lüneburg to the German Baltic coast.

Health facts:

  • Our body needs about 100 grams of salt for every 40 kilos of weight, 
  • Sodium is key in the operation of all signals within the cells, as well as to and from, the brain,
  • Sweat contains between 2.25 and 3.4 grams of salt per liter. The rate of perspiration of a continuous effort on a hot day can easily average 1 liter per hour,
  • Sea turtles cry to get rid of excess salt in their body.

Science and Technology Facts:

  • There is about 35 grams of salts (mostly, sodium chloride) in a litre of seawater,
  • Salt is used to remove traces of water from aviation fuel after it is purified,
  • According to recent scientific findings, many salt deposits were discovered on Mars.