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EEB Annual Conference 2018 The European Environmental Bureau

05/11/2018 - 09:00 to 19:30

As the time has come to start preparation of an Eighth Environment Action Programme (8EAP), the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) is bringing together policymakers, politicians and experts to debate, discuss and seek solutions to our most pressing environmental problems.


The conference will explore policies and actions needed to make society sustainable including environmental, social, economic and governance issues.

This acknowledges that society, and the economy as part of it,can only thrive in the safe space within planetary boundaries.

After two successful Annual Conferences abroad (Vienna 2016 and Edinburgh 2017), the EEB is returning to Brussels for a high-level public conference in the run-up to the crucial European elections in spring 2019.


The EEB conference will identify environmental priorities for the post-2020 period. This timely debate comes as the European Union needs to also set out its own priorities for environmental policy in the coming years through the development of a new Environment Action Programme and an implementation plan for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The debate comes at a time when the political parties of the European Parliament lay out their vision for Europe ahead of the elections next year.


Attendees will get a strong overview of where we need European policy to go over the next decade to meet the goal of living within planetary boundaries. The conference will focus a number of expert panels on issues such as the impact of growth on environmental degradation, the role of governance and rule of law in environmental protection, and the steps needed for the EU to meet its climate goals. We will also have breakout sessions that explore how to achieve a non-toxic circular economy and how to protect our life support system.