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Solar Salt Conference (Trapani, Sicily)

Timing of the event: 
03/06/2014 - 12:00
Marsala Solar Salt Works, Trapani (Sicily)
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Just a month left to register! To do so, please contact the EuSalt secretariat at


EuSalt will organise a second edition of the Solar Salt Conference on 3rd and 4th June 2014, in Trapani (Sicily). It is also commonly agreed that solar salt works are essential for preserving biodiversity and ecosystems that are specific to coastal areas and (inland) wetlands. In return, biodiversity that thrives on solar salt works is an undeniable asset to salt production. While this interdependence is acknowledge and praised, the economic factor is sometimes missing. For this reason, the conference will highly focus on sharing practical experience and expertise. Producers from all around the world will be invited to present and discuss projects that have attempted to increase the economic and cultural relevance of solar salt works while further preserving the biodiversity that thrives on them. Those projects may include eco-tourism, museums and cultural activities, to only name a few. Likewise, experience sharing about the various ways to raise public awareness and increase the publicity around solar salt works will be the added value of such a conference. 

The conference will take place over two days, combining the meeting with a visit of the Marsala-Trapani Salt Works.

The audience should include representatives of the salt industry (including non-EuSalt members), academics, scientists, policy-makers, non-governmental organisations, and businesses involved in and associated with solar salt production.

We would also like to kindly thank our sponsors for their cooperation and support.