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FEDARENE - C-Track 50 Recommendations on national energy priorities

Posted: 08 August 2019

This report provides information about national long-term energy and climate policy priorities, indicates bottom- up recommendations on targets, priorities and actions for 2050 and sets recommendations for multi – level governance improvements in each project country.

This report starts with the description of the national energy planning, including the synopsis of the energy planning process and a description of the national policy plans for energy and climate in place for each country. Next, the report provides an overview of bottom-up recommendations on targets, priorities and actions for 2050 in four sectors: buildings & infrastructure sector, transport, agriculture and waste. The recommendations have been discussed and validated in three national roundtables held at each country level, with the participation of regional and national level stakeholders. Finally, the report provides recommendations for each project partner country regarding multi-level governance and collaboration models at sub-national levels in order to support ambitious long-term energy and climate targets.

Read the full report HERE