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How to tackle challenges in a future- oriented EU industrial strategy?

Posted: 27 June 2019

new study has been published by the European Parliament at the request of the ITRE Committee on How to tackle challenges in a future-oriented EU industrial strategy?

This study provides a critical assessment of the European Commission’s 2017 EU industrial strategy and of the policy measures it comprises. According to its authors, “even though the EU industrial strategy is still a meta-policy, it successfully promotes a more integrated and innovative approach. However, it should more clearly identify mission-oriented strategic goals and mobilise the necessary effort and means to reach them”.

The study calls for a “future-oriented EU industrial strategy” which would give more consideration to the three following elements:

- “sharper strategic choices” with “a limited set of specific priorities that are coherent, coordinated and endowed with the necessary means of action”;
- “More effective involvement and coordination of Regions” through Smart Specialisation Strategies and interregional cooperation favouring the development of value-added chains;
- “Experimental approach” encouraging policy experiments and a risk-taking attitude at all levels of governance.

You can download the study HERE