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Solar Salt Conference


On 4th June 2014, EuSalt, in collaboration with CEISSA, held its second Solar Salt Conference that focused on "The Economic Value of Biodiversity in Solar Salt Works". 

A large panel of speakers composed of both academics and salt producers presented on the technical aspects of biodiversity in and around salt works, at first. A second part of the conference focused more on experience sharing from producers across Europe with regard to the economic development of solar salt works in association with the further preservation of biodiversity. Even more, different possibilities to put biodiversity at the heart of salt works profitability were looked at. 

EuSalt thanks all participants to the conference for attending and contributing to the highly interesting and fruitful discussions.

Read our Press Release here.

Presentations are here available.

Also, at the bottom of this list, please find the leaflet presenting the exciting project of TRANSSALINAS: Conservation of Iberian and Asian salt lakes and saltscapes through community art'.