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Welcome to Salt is Life

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  • World Iodine Association - 1st International Conference

    WIA is organising for the first time an international conference on Iodine in Food Systems and Health: Iodine is an essential element for human health. To ensure optimal intake of iodine for humans is key in prevention of Iodine Deficiency Disorders. This is a mission supported by the World Iodine Association, the organiser of this first international conference on iodine in food systems and health.

  • Save-the-date EuSalt General Assembly 26-28 June 2017

  • 5th Biocidal Products Symposium, 11 October 2016, Brussels

    In Europe, an authorization is required before placing biocidal products on the market. This symposium will provide you with the necessary insights and experience in the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) No 528/2012 as delivered by experts from authorities, chemical federations, service providers and industry.

  • IMA 2016 Conference: Fostering value chain symbiosis in the circular economy era

    The IMA-Europe 2016 Conference will take place on 28 Septmber. It seeks to explore the potential for value chain symbiosis in both the environmental and product stewardshipareas. It will consist of two moderated round tables (see preliminary programme herewith attached). We look forward to an interesting exchange between representatives from the value chain (minerals suppliers, downstream users) and those from government and European decision-making bodies.

  • K+S Future Food Forum

    K+S is organizing the second FUTURE FOOD FUTURE FOOD FORUM in Berlin on 13 October and is thereby offering a platform for the exchange of ideas and strategies for combatting hunger and the long-term securing of global nutrition. Prominent speakers such as the Nobel Peace Prize winner Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Prof. Klaus Töpfer and Charles Ogang (World Farmers Organization) will be providing the stimulus for an active dialog.  


  • Roskill 2017 Salt Conference - Call for papers

    Call for Papers!

    Roskill is interested to hear from prospective speakers from the salt industry on a range of themes, including:

    ·         Salt market trends

    ·         Cutting-edge research in salt production techniques

    ·         Chlor-alkali technology

    ·         Soda ash technology

  • Raw Material Commitment - European network fo sustainable mining and quarrying-approved by the Commission

    EuSalt is part alongside other mining sectors of the European Network for Sustainable Quarrying and Mining. We applied to the Commission European Innovation Partnership - stakeholder platform that brings together representatives from industry, public services, academia and NGOs. It is a new approach to EU research and innovation by bringing together actors from the entire research and innovation value chain.

  • EuSalt General Assembly 2017 - call for sponsors

    EuSalt last General assembly in Thessaloniki gathered more participants than previous editions, hosting more than 120 people.

    We can only thank all our members and long-time sponsors - Euragglo, Evatherm, Ferrum, IHS, McLanahan, Salt Partners, SEP and Weir. 

  • EuSalt is looking to build a solid database illustrating the European salt sector economic weight and impact in Europe.

    EuSalt would like to launch this call of interest to those consultants or companies that have interest and experience in reporting and collecting sector economic data.

  • 3rd international biocidal congress

    The 3rd International Biocidal Congress will be held by the cooperation of Public Health Institution of Turkey and Biocidal Occupational and Environmental Health Association and the support of Çukurova University and Ege University between November 22-25, 2016 at Maritime Pine Beach Hotel in Antalya.

  • European Committee for Standardization - CEN - Call for experts for TC167

    EuSalt is a member of the Working Group (WG) 9 of the CEN to work on TC167. The WG 9 wishes to develop a standard on potassium chloride on the same model as EN 938 “Chemicals used for treatment of water intended for human consumption - Sodium chlorite”.

    They currently lack expertise on this issue and would welcome additional experts to join. No timeline is decided yet as the project is only beginning. 

  • World Salt Symposium - opportunity to sponsor

    The next World Salt Symposium will be held in Park City, Utah on June 19-21, 2018.

    Starting in the 1960's, people from around the world have gathered to share information on the benefits and uses of salt, salt mining practices, and solar salt production. The last such meeting was held in Beijing, China in 2009.

    If you would like to view information about past and future meetings, you can visit 

  • World Salt Symposium - call for papers "Salt for a Better Life"

    The Tenth World Salt Symposium is organized by the Salt Institute, in cooperation with several other salt organizations around the world, and will be held in Park City, Utah, USA on June 19-21, 2018. It is the tenth in a series of symposia since 1962, when the first meeting was held in Cleveland, OH, USA.

  • Solution Mining Research Institute - Fall 2016 conference

    On-line registration for members will begin on 20 July, with non-member registration starting 4 weeks later on 15 August.  No registrations will be accepted after 9 September, but it is possible that the conference will be filled to capacity before that date, so REGISTER EARLY if you wish to attend! CALL FOR PAPERS is now posted and is emailing 19 MAY 2016

  • EuSalt becomes a partner of the EU 'Healthy Workplace for All Ages' Campaign

    EuSalt's application for being a partner of the EU 'Healthy Workplaces for All Ages' campaign for 2016-2017. The latter will promote efforts to ensure safe and healthier places throughout the working life.

    For more information about our partnership and the campaign, see here.

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