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About EuSalt


The European Salt Producers' Association - EUsalt - is a European non-profit association acting according to the interests of salt producers towards European and international authorities and stakeholders since 2004. We act as an informative platform and facilitator for exchange, providing information to salt producers, as well as interested parties outside the salt industry.


EUsalt represents salt producers producing sodium chloride as an end product regardless of the production method (solar salt, rock salt, and vacuum salt). Our aim is to promote a better understanding of salt and raise awareness about the role salt plays in our lives, whether it helps us get around in winter, keeps our bodies functioning or any of the many other uses, in the household or industry. 

EUsalt also supports international organisations and networks by sharing expertise and knowledge. EUsalt promotes setting standards in order to improve the quality of salt, salt products and production methods. To achieve this, EUsalt was granted the observer status in both the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) and the Codex Alimentarius. Furthermore, and in collaboration with the Iodine Global Network (IGN), EuSalt contributes to projects that aim to fight iodine deficiency and related diseases worldwide.


EuSalt promotes transparency in its relations with European institutions and is registered in the Transparency Register of the European Commission.



Hubert François, President                            Wouter Lox, Managing Director




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