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Our vision

EUsalt is the association of European and global crystallised salt producers.

Our vision is to be the authoritative voice of the salt industry in Europe in advocacy and to educate and communicate the values and benefits of salt as an essential building block for the chemical industry and the energy sector and as a vital mineral for health, safety and nutrition.

Our mission is

  • To promote the wide variety of uses for salt as a vital mineral in chemical transformation, energy storage & transition, health, nutrition, road safety, water treatment and many other applications.
  • To highlight the socio-economic benefits and environmental sustainability of salt production technologies and applications by demonstrating their positive value and impact on society.
  • To foster a European regulatory and business environment favorable to long term growth and innovation to secure a sustainable future for the salt sector and its down-stream applications.
  • To contribute to major debates at European level by providing facts and guidance on public policy and regulatory issues that impact the salt sector.

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Legislation and standards for feed, as well as food grade salt, advocacy for salt fortification.

Recycling, waste recycling, resource efficiency, water reuse, secondary raw materials.

Winter road maintenance and deicing; promote Health & Safety at work.

Biodiversity and environmental protection and standards Local production, minimising transportation.

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