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How to become a member

Salt producers wishing to apply for a Full Membership at EUsalt must:

  • produce and market directly, or indirectly through one or several parent, sister or affiliated companies to the Group of companies which are all associated companies directly or indirectly controlled by the same shareholder holding more than 50 % percent of the shares in each of these companies,
  • produce and market more than 50kt/year of crystallised salt (NaCl) from mineral deposits or sea water within the Territory covering the European Economic Area, UK and Switzerland;
  • be a legally recognised company.

Salt producers or processors wishing to apply for an Associate Membership at EUsalt must:

  • produce and/or process more than 10kt/year of salt as a core activity,
  • be a legally recognised company.

In order to become a member, either full or associate, applicants need to agree and comply with the Statutes of the Association and internal rules, the EUsalt Code of Practice and with the EUsalt Charter of Membership.

A company meeting the requirements listed for a Full member cannot apply to become an Associate member.

All these requirements are set in the EUsalt by-laws.

Interested in becoming a member?

Contact now the EUsalt Secretariat.

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