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EUsalt partners with WIA to raise attention to IDD

Posted: 17 April 2018

EUsalt is partnering with the World Iodine Association, to raise the attention on Iodine deficiency prevalence in Europe.

Low iodine intake and micronutrient malnutrition are prominent in Europe. The higher intake of certain nutrients is at high political attention in many national public health policies. However low iodine intake, leading to iodine deficiency disorders (IDD), is still not getting the same attention. Several strategies against Iodine deficiency have been launched by WHO and UNICEF, like the strategy of universal salt iodization (USI).

In Europe, other strategies are maybe required to raise the profile of the importance of Iodine deficiency, as well as the legislative instruments required to alter the prevalence of Iodine deficiency. Member States’ national health policies prevail, making Europe a scattered, uncertain market for food producers applying iodine fortification.  EUsalt is a stakeholder contributing in the fight against iodine deficiency by defining regulatory strategies and helping to communicate in raising the awareness on iodine deficiency.